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New on GGG - I try out and setup a BRAND NEW Squier Strat

Well, this is a rarity - if you have been following my "Gavin's Grotty Guitars" you will have seen that I don't usually get to try out brand new guitars - well, seeing as three months ago - this guitar was physically put together in Indonesia - they don't get a lot newer than this!

My neighbours son was given a Squier Strat kit for Christmas - I know - we are all jealous. However there were a few teething troubles - as there ALWAYS is. I jumped at the chance to help for two reasons - the main one - I know how disheartening it is for an instrument not to be right when you get it. I go into this further on a video at the end of the month (my first real Fender). I know I can remedy any issues with it farily easily and make it as perfect as it can be. Also, rather selfishly - I can get to see what the quality of a modern made guitar is. No real surprises here - this Squier Strat is a great entry level guitar. Cheap mass manufacturing, CNC machining and parts means that there is very little I can be critical of here. Do watch the video for a more in depth and very pinikity look a this beginners guitar.

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