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January 2002 Update Part 2 - 2002 / 2003 Epiphone Les Paul Plus Top

This is an Epiphone Les Paul Plus Top - which started in 2003 - but this is dated November 2002...

HUH? Are you daft Gavin?

Well, you know how in about September of each year you can buy the next years model of car?

Well, a similar thin happens with guitars. Even if the line was released on 1st January - they would have to build a stock up in the previous year in order to sell.

Which is why this is dated as such.

However, even though I managed to get this at a good price - there are some issues...

Big issues? Nope, but If I had known all of them before hand - I would not have purchased it!

This is a great playing and feeling instrument - as good a player as a Gibson, if you overlook the issues, most of which can be fixed easily - as I will show you in future videos.

Most importantly - what upgrades would you like to see me try? Let me know!

Toodle Pip!


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