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Yamaha SG500B - The Resurrectionist Ep.7

Once again I get to help out South Bucks Hospice by resurrecting one of the guitars they have been given by a donor, and boy, am I impressed by this one.

A 90's / 00's Yamaha SG500B. It's not the top of the line of their SG range, but I can say hand on heart, it is certainly not in the same league as other "affordable" guitars - I would describe it happily as a "mid-range" instrument. Excellent neck, interestingly bolt on (the others in the SG series are set necks), but you really can't hear the difference in this one. Superb rounded pickup tones and low action make this something special.

I will be listing this on eBay and adding a link in here when I do - it will be packed in a couple of guitar boxes with lots of padding, or you can pick it up from me directly. All the money (minus ebay fees, postage and packing) will go direct to the hospice, so don't be afraid to bid, or ask any questions.

All the best,


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