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Tuesday night - a different world

Look what greeted me on Monday morning. With the rest of the chaps gone - it was just me in the workshop until 2 new 5 day students joined in. Very odd with empty benches and no noise. I have to admit it I did miss my old colleagues, but seeing as I do get distracted easily (hey look a squirrel) the peace was a nice change for once. I'm really happy for them - Stephen has posted all his guitars (finished and unfinished) together on Instagram - and boy - you can see a style there. The designs might not be for everyone, but he uses odd mixes of timber really well. Cody is probably back home now, and picking up on his job and life that he left behind, except he has some really sweet and beautifully finished guitars with him. Craig and Derek are bumming around the UK for a week then heading to the continent to continue their adventures. It will be interesting to catch up with them all in a year or two to see what they are doing.

Me? I'm getting chucked out of my digs on Friday morning and am hopefully finding somewhere new that night... No confirmation yet though. I hope to finish the guitar sooner, so I can have a day on the beach!

What's left to do?

1. Tuning peg holes

2. Back plate and routing an edge in

3. Wiring channels

4. Gluing the body sides onto the body

5. Shaping the body

6. Output jack (my least favourite job)

7. Routing for pickups and tremolo

8. Final sanding

9. Oiling and finishing

10. Wiring up and setup.

11. Side dots

Gluing the body tomorrow morning - As the sides will have a slight angle on them (I don't make things easy) I am going to have to put dowels in as well as glue... None in the workshop - so a late night run to Homebase (ergh) for 6mm pine dowel. I said I would admit everything. Pine! Homebase!

I think once the glue is dry, marking up the pickups and tremolo cavity will be first, then routing - hopefully tomorrow afternoon / evening. How did this take so long? Planing. One of the skills I need to improve on. And to get a decent plane. Expectedly - and it is the same everywhere - student equipment is knackered. It doesn't matter where you are - that's life. Suck it up. I spent most of the day lining up and taking small bits off with the student plane, but all it needed was about 7 strokes from Sams rather sweet Veritas 6 and a half, and the job was done.

Hopefully that means Thursday is shaping with the angle grinder and sanding. Friday ought to be a dry fit of parts perhaps, or starting the oil finish... Let's see...

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