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To do lists...

I've traditionally hated "To do Lists" - they reek of school tasks and "doing what you are told". Something I am not particularly good at. However, I genuinely believe in them and their use with everyday tasks - especially with building a stringed instrument. The key is to work on levels - start big, then break each task down. And then break those down - I have found three to four levels being the most useful to me. You can then see achievable tasks in short sections. So - a to do list for this site...

1. Add full galleries to the guitar builds

2. Ensure the colour settings are the same for each page

3. Add "The Making of" section to each guitar.

4. Soft Launch

1. should be simple and staight forward - the photos are on the site database and an online app should do the rest.

2. plod through each one by hand... time consuming but worth it.

3. needs to be broken down - this will be an ongoing piece of work that will take months - I expect. Carry out one guitar at a time and only go live when I have finished writing them.

4. can be done anytime... if I have the money!

Now to stop dilly dallying and move onwards.... what was the first task again?

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