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Thursday night - Routing and Glueing

So much achieved - glueing the sides of the body to the thru neck - using 6mm dowels to align them (I had to drive at night to Homebase to get them... Homebase...).

Glue and clamps - using the original Walnut from the body as shaped clamps (always keep your offcuts!) great stuff.

Then planning where to put the trem - yes I chose a trem although the Instagram feed suggested a TUNA-matic bridge - excellent joke - I love it and was tempted to go that way just for the joke.

Christopher checks the alignment of the proposed trem.

The most difficult bit was routing the pickup cavities and trem cavity - normally not an issue, but as we have a fair bit of angle on the body - keeping it flat is impossible. The templates are flat, the table is flat - the guitar isn't. My solution is possibly the worst bodge I have ever attempted - but as I am being honest - here it is....

Extreme amounts of tape and superglue trick, wafers of timber and tape to sort of even out the issues.

However - it worked. A couple of tear outs because I was being tired and lazy. Tomorrow is fun with the angle grinder - and I have to move digs....

In other news - a great "on the bench" filmed today - and as for next week.... keep watching.

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