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Seiwa Bass guitar 1980's Made in Japan by Ibanez (Fujigen)

My local hospice shop knows I like resurrecting guitars - bringing scrappy old, unloved guitars back to life and asked if I could sell this for them. I would love to. It's rather an unknown, but perfectly great simple bass guitar. Seiwa is the brand and "Rockman" the series - they made bass and electric guitars under this name, all fairly reasonable it seems. Well, I can say, although it is a bit simple (one set of passive pickups and a single ply plate) this is really well made - as you would expect from Japan in the 80's. A good solid maple neck, and a solid wood body, after I have given it a light cleaning and setup, it plays and sounds great. Nice bright pickups - nothing to be ashamed of at all. And it sounds far better than most instruments that are around 40 years old! As I have said in the video - IT IS FOR SALE! All monies go to South Bucks Hospice - a great local charity to me. It includes a custom hard case - and can be picked up from north Buckinghamshire. Posting it will be extra - DHL charge £30 uk plus another £30 for insurance. No returns.

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