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Lindo Electro Acoustic - The Resurrectionist Ep. 8

Firstly - the ebay auction for the Yamaha SG is still live!

Not only is it apparently cheap (I've been told it should be a lot more... sigh) - but there are only 5 days left - and there is an exclusive video there.

Now - for this weeks the Resurrectionist - which should be "Gavin's Grotty Guitars" - it is an old (well - to me - I have no idea on how old it is!) electro acoustic from Lindo.

Who are Lindo? Not sure either, but I have seen their instruments in various musical instrument shops in the UK - not necessarily Guitar shops, but all round music stores. They are reasonably priced, good looking instruments.

I mean look at this - lots of nice binding - including abalone, great inlays, shaped and stylised bridge, flame maple top - and a stunning red with black burst. But wait...

WTF is that? A locking nut?

You might be saying why? Why is that there? Did you add it Gavin?

No - and I have no idea why it is there. Very odd - I've never really tightened it, as it would undoubtedly sharpen the pitch of the strings.

If you have any idea why it is there - please let me know.

It has a really nice thin body - great for an electric player and the electronics are fairly usable. Yes, they need a thorough clean, but they do the job nicely. A phase inverter to prevent feedback would be nice, but those usually come at another price point.

It's been in the wars a bit, but seems tough enough - and if you can live with the locking nut - I would thoroughly advise this splendid six stringer!

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