• Gavin Hallam

Great Guitar Build Off - Days 11-14

Bloody Nora - He's back again...

Thank you for your feedback - A new non-wobbly video quality and a half decent microphone...

This episode finds your favourite luthier wrestling with resins, fighting with side dot inlays - delicately routing neck pockets. It's full of ups and downs (I was ready to throw the towel in on Wednesday...) and excited gasps of joy.

The video goes live at 9am London time (the computer tells me...). I'll be watching Saturday Morning Best Bites (a Sunday Morning cooking show) with a cup to tea and a bowl of crunchy nut cornflakes... Thank you for your feedback - I try to reply to all of them - a couple of questions have actually inspired future videos. Like, subscribe and all that stuff people say - you'll get informed when new videos arrive. Toodle Pip!

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