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Gavin's Grotty Guitars - Zenta Mustang 1970's

Ahoy hoy! Today I get to talk about getting back at the computer after a slight illness. Don't worry - not anything beginning with a c.There is going to be a few new exciting things happening - a new series, and a new build is underway...But first... this bad boy.I can't even remember where I got it from - probably the reuse centre.It's a beautiful early 70's Zenta Mustang. So a copy of the '68 Fender "Competition" Mustang - why competition? Because it has a "competition racing" stripe!It's obviously a fair bit cheaper than a fender and it has some traits of that, but, it does have some great features that really shine.I love the switches for the pickups - it might be nice to have them in and out of phase as well, but I am picky. The bridge is brilliant. Not seen this before and it really shows an amount of care that goes into the design. It is missing a knob, but one will turn up eventually.It's pickups are really well matched - the tones work well together and the bridge is not too harsh - always surprising.All in all - really great for a cheap bit of tat, and an individual style that always seems to be on the edges of trendy!See you next week!

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