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Gavin's Grotty Guitars - Squier Stagemaster V4 Deluxe

At last -my favourite guitar - although of course it isn't perfect.... They never are. We have seen various incarnations of this model already - with the V1 (badly painted multi colour guitar) and the V2 Holoflake - this is known as the V4 Deluxe model. There were still some bolt on neck guitars for the V4 - Baritones and a 7 string... but this was the absolute cream of the crop. Genuinely top of the range guitars that should have sold for three or four times the price... but again, because of the name, they didn't... As, for some reason I have 4 of them, I'm going to rejuvinate and cusomise one of them, watch the video to see how you can help...

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