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For Sale! 1970 Shaftesbury 3265 Thinline Telecaster

As you can hear in the video these fine guitars were made for Rose Morris music in London (originally based on Shaftesbury Avenue) by Eko Guitars in Italy, in 1970. That makes this a genuine vintage guitar - 51 years old!

I've spent a fair bit of time with this lovely guitar, cleaning it up carefully - removing rust and grime from it's every pore, including getting the non-working bridge pickup rewound to spec by a specialist.

Apart from the pickup - the only piece of replacement work I have done is to replace an Allen screw on the bridge, which was missing. Yes, it does have a lot of finish checking - this is what looks like big deep scratches, but is actually where the finish has split over the last 51 years! I know how it must feel! There are some scratches and dings, but not too many, surprisingly for an instrument of this age. The neck is straight and the guitar plays like a dream.

Watch the video to find out more - and bid on it if you want! All proceeds to South Bucks Hospice - seeing as it came from them in the first place!

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