Finally - I can show you all what I have been building, my magnificent guitar.

A super sculpted ash body, maple neck, zebrano fingerboard and the most wonderful figuring and grain that I've seen in ages.

So - it's my entry to the Great Guitar Build Off 2021 - I'll post again on how to vote on the 1st of July.


Is it Jaguar? Is it a Jazzmaster? No, it's somewhere in between.... And because of that - it really is rather jolly good!

It's another one of my "mystery" guitars - the ones branded "Whitestar".

To this day I still know nothing about them apart from once upon a time I was convinced that this one was made in the Kort factory for some reason. And this is a lovely guitar - or it nearly is! Which is why I have dubbed it the "Super duper Strat" - not a SuperStrat, but nearly.

Find out why by watching the video - this really is a beautiful guitar.

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