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  • Gavin Hallam

2022 January Update - Part 1 (Goodbye Yamaha SG) Ahoy hoy! Today I get to talk about two things - 1. The Left Handed Squier Vintage Modified Jazz bass is still up for sale for two days - 2. How to pack a guitar for transporting it! I have purposefully NOT used a hardcore purpose built guitar box - and the inner one is there pretty to keep it from moving around too much. Clean it Detune the strings Protect the strings Protect the head Make sure it can't get scratched Fill in the voids Cardboard More cardboard (look for double walled) - it prevents most knocks really well! Next week - New Guitar (to me anyway...) What could it be - send me your guesses!

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  • Gavin Hallam

This bass guitar is nearly perfect...

Apart from one thing - it's left handed.

As you know there are many affordable brands out there - and a lot of very cheap and very expensive ones. On the whole, the cheap guitar brands are OK for electric 6 string guitars, but fall down horribly on Bass guitars. Not sure why, but the necks are nearly always bent! Horribly. Squier, of course come from a parent company with a lot of knowledge of making excellent guitars - Fender. And this is a great copy of a 1970's Fender Jazz Bass guitar - with some up to date modifications.

Another site says this: "This one is considered by many as an impressive bass for its price, we even gave it the top spot in our list of affordable bass guitars. However Squier is not yet done, upgrading this popular model for 2013. The soft maple body retains the shape and look of the previous model, and it is paired with a maple neck. The upgraded version has the neck carved into a slim "C" profile with a vintage-tint gloss finish. Another important change that the 2013 model brings are two Fender-designed pickups, replacing the Duncan designed JB101 pickups of the previous version. This bass is available in Olympic White and Natural finish, and has a left handed version called the Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass ‘70s Left-Handed."

This probably sold originally for around £350 brand new - so the starting price is a gift!

And this is what we have here - It is nearly perfect - a couple of VERY minor scratches - it is in better condition than my last "new" guitar I purchased (no names). Although the name is "70s" this is nothing but modern - a great gloss neck and silky gloss fingerboard and great sounding pickups.

If you are interested, do drop me a line and I'll answer all your questions! Toodle Pip!

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  • Gavin Hallam

Firstly - the ebay auction for the Yamaha SG is still live!

Not only is it apparently cheap (I've been told it should be a lot more... sigh) - but there are only 5 days left - and there is an exclusive video there.

Now - for this weeks the Resurrectionist - which should be "Gavin's Grotty Guitars" - it is an old (well - to me - I have no idea on how old it is!) electro acoustic from Lindo.

Who are Lindo? Not sure either, but I have seen their instruments in various musical instrument shops in the UK - not necessarily Guitar shops, but all round music stores. They are reasonably priced, good looking instruments.

I mean look at this - lots of nice binding - including abalone, great inlays, shaped and stylised bridge, flame maple top - and a stunning red with black burst. But wait...

WTF is that? A locking nut?

You might be saying why? Why is that there? Did you add it Gavin?

No - and I have no idea why it is there. Very odd - I've never really tightened it, as it would undoubtedly sharpen the pitch of the strings.

If you have any idea why it is there - please let me know.

It has a really nice thin body - great for an electric player and the electronics are fairly usable. Yes, they need a thorough clean, but they do the job nicely. A phase inverter to prevent feedback would be nice, but those usually come at another price point.

It's been in the wars a bit, but seems tough enough - and if you can live with the locking nut - I would thoroughly advise this splendid six stringer!

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